Leading Universities Around the World Admit Class of 2021

By Joon Myong and Rachel Dooley Apr 8, 2021

Students in the YISS Class of 2021 have been admitted into many top universities and colleges.

Nicole S. Chosen as Finalist in AMIS Solo Festival

By Bonnie Bae Apr 7, 2021

YISS student is invited to participate in the AMIS International Solo Finals. 

Spanish Embraces Kinesthetic Learning and Creativity

By Bonnie Bae Apr 5, 2021

Spanish classes delve into projects that utilize their creativity and physical movement.

MUN Team Recognized at YMUN Asia

By Kyle Pash Mar 26, 2021

The YISS Model United Nations team competes in YMUN Asia, receiving delegate awards.

HS SEW Focuses on Love and Journaling

By Nathan Bingaman and Kyle Pash Mar 5, 2021

Chapel students focus on loving God and others while Ossembly students reflect on the use of journals.

Band Plays Together After 11 Months Apart

By Brittany Ludwig Feb 19, 2021

Personal Protective Equipment allows band students to play together in-person for the first time in 11 months.

Staff and Basketball Teams Mix It Up

By Dan Hale Feb 15, 2021

Staff and basketball teams compete in Battle 4 YISS tournament.

Korean Language Students Immerse in ReadingOcean

By Jean Myung Ahn Jan 27, 2021

Across all divisions, Korean language students participate in a new reading program.

Universities Offer Early Acceptances to Class of 2021

By Joon Myong and Rachel Dooley Jan 11, 2021

Students in the YISS Class of 2021 have been admitted to many leading colleges and universities around the world.

HS Tri-M Shares Joy Through Music

By Dyanne A. Dec 18, 2020

Small ensembles record virtual concerts for residents of senior centers in Seoul.

HS Theater Streams The 39 Steps

By Alyssa Terry Dec 16, 2020

YISS theater streams lively spy thriller, The 39 Steps, straight into our community’s living rooms. 

Student Compositions Show Deep Music Theory Knowledge

By Brittany Ludwig Dec 16, 2020

High school and 6th-grade band students go above and beyond in creating original compositions.