YISS Student’s Website Wins 2nd Place in History Contest

May 31, 2020

Sophomore Ryan SW K. places in the NHD Korea contest

5th Graders Research and Publish Historical Magazines

By Ellie Moncada Jan 15, 2020

Students work with peers to write, edit, and design a magazine highlighting American history.

YISS JV Team Sweeps History Bowl

By Jay B. Jan 30, 2019

YISS high school students who have a love of history competed in the International History Bee & Bowl at Dulwich College Seoul on January 26.

Ninth Graders Construct Models of Early Civilizations

By Joanne Son Nov 8, 2017

The 9th grade Ancient World History students created models of structures, objects, or landmarks that impacted the early river valley civilizations.

Social Studies and English Departments Collaborate to Teach Writing

By Kyle Pash May 30, 2017

Social studies teachers underwent training in the Jane Schaffer method of expository writing to build up student reading and writing skills.

Middle Schoolers Explore Traditional Korean Sites and Customs

May 12, 2017

YISS middle schoolers partook in various activities that allowed them to learn more about the country and culture in which they live.

Eighth-Graders Present About Civil War at Research Fair

By Kimberly Lynch May 11, 2017

Eighth grade students presented information about the Civil War to their peers, parents, and teachers at a History Research Fair.

Elementary Students Celebrate Korea and Culture!

By Sara Willetts May 9, 2017

Elementary students enjoyed a myriad of unique activities and field trips aimed at helping them discover more about Korea.

Shakespeare Meets Korean Theater in A Comedy of Errors

Apr 25, 2017

A Comedy of Errors was a joyful and creative exploration of Korean traditional culture and one of the Bard's most hysterical comedies.

5th Grade Travels Back in Time

By Ellie Moncada Feb 16, 2017

Just in time for their study of the American Revolution in Social Studies and the Elementary School Read-a-Thon, 5th Grade students are traveling back in time to the 1770s...

YISS Makes History at the Bee & Bowl

By Hannah O. Jan 20, 2017

Though history is more about the lessons we can learn from it than its facts, knowing the details never hurts. With a short time of preparation, the YISS History Bee and Bowl participants...

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