Week Without Walls

Week Without Walls Program Takes 8th Graders to Jeju Island

By Bonnie Rieke Nov 20, 2019

Students travel to Jeju to explore and take advantage of experiential learning opportunities.

7th Grade Take Their Learning on the Road

By Cathleen Carpenter Oct 7, 2019

Students spend an extraordinary three-days in Yangpyeong during their Week Without Walls.

6th Graders Head to the Beach for Week Without Walls

By Ruth Schaefer Oct 7, 2019

Students Daecheon Beach to engage in experiential learning.

8th Graders Explore the Mountains and Beaches of Jeju

By Craig Mooi Nov 12, 2018

This year’s 8th Grade Week Without Walls, which took place from October 29 – November 2, 2018, was the smoothest Jeju trip so far!

7th Grade Week Without Walls Filled With Hands-on Activities

By Nathan Bingaman Oct 22, 2018

The 7th grade Week Without Walls trip from October 10-12 was packed with opportunities to face challenges, learn, and develop relationships.

6th Graders Become Good Stewards During Week Without Walls

By Ruth Schaefer Sep 26, 2018

This year’s 6th grade Week Without Walls trip to Daecheon Beach took place from September 18-20.

6th Grade Week Without Walls Focuses on Energy

By Ruth Schaefer Nov 13, 2017

The 6th grade Week Without Walls trip was filled with learning, friendship, nature, and fun.

8th Grade Jeju Journey Creates Lasting Memories

By Craig Mooi Nov 10, 2017

The 8th graders spent four days on the island of Jeju doing various activities from exploring a lava tube, to hiking up Korea's tallest mountain.

Seventh Grade Week Without Walls Adventure Challenges Fears

By Tammi Wenzig Nov 9, 2017

From the very first day, the 7th grade Week Without Walls adventure challenged fears, inhibitions, and launched into the unknown.

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