HS Students Use Tech Skills to Create Books for Children

By Mark Heil Jun 10, 2020

Computer Applications students wrote, illustrated, and animated short stories featuring the Guardian to teach children valuable lessons.

VR Technology Makes American History Come Alive

By Stacy Trevino Dec 12, 2019

Our 5th grade students take a virtual tour of historic sites using VR

Elementary Students Film, Edit & Produce Guardian News Segments

By Mark Heil May 23, 2019

Guardian News was a new After School Activity that was offered this spring.

Students Introduced to Computer Programming During Hour of Code

By Mike Smith Dec 13, 2018

YISS students were introduced to a number of different coding activities which included a variety of coding languages during Hour of Code.

Big Data Club Prepares Students for Data-Driven Future

By Shelley C. Apr 26, 2018

The Big Data Club focuses on improving students’ understanding of data science and building excitement about big data’s prospects.

YISS Participates in Global Campaigns Promoting Coding

By Glenn Crane Dec 28, 2017

Students throughout YISS learned and used different coding languages as part of Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week.

Students Build Working Robotic Arms

By Julie Weakley Mar 21, 2017

As the third quarter came to a close, the seventh-grade Robotics I students designed and built their own working robotic arms from household materials.

Students Challenged to Create with Design Thinking

By Julian Willetts Feb 23, 2017

The technology team started a new elementary after school activity this past trimester for students between grades 3-5 called Design Thinking.

Students Engage in Hour of Code

By Julian Willetts Dec 9, 2016

The Hour of Code global event between December 5-11 provided an opportunity to promote computer science principles and discover how we can solve societal problems using technology...

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