Students Enjoy Many Activities After School

By Kristin Linn Nov 14, 2019

The YISS ASA program offers a wide variety of activities for our ES and MS students.

Elementary Students Film, Edit & Produce Guardian News Segments

By Mark Heil May 23, 2019

Guardian News was a new After School Activity that was offered this spring.

Students Introduced to Computer Programming During Hour of Code

By Mike Smith Dec 13, 2018

YISS students were introduced to a number of different coding activities which included a variety of coding languages during Hour of Code.

6th Graders Offer Creative Solutions to Trash Crisis

By Charissa Stair Oct 26, 2018

The 6th grade Pop Science class tackled the trash crisis head-on in their Trash Solutions Project Fair.

3...2...1... Liftoff!!

By Grant Davis May 31, 2018

The Middle School Rocket Club has had a great year launching water-bottle rockets, watching SpaceX videos, and learning to use the YISS 3D printer.

YISS Participates in Global Campaigns Promoting Coding

By Glenn Crane Dec 28, 2017

Students throughout YISS learned and used different coding languages as part of Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week.

Elementary Families Exercise Creativity at Makerspace STEM Nights

By Jenna Hardin Dec 8, 2017

Over the past few weeks, the YISS Educational Technology department has hosted two Makerspace STEM Nights for elementary families.

Kindergarten Scientists Explore New Makerspace

By Kathy Falkner Oct 26, 2017

Kindergarten students in Ms. Han’s class had the opportunity to participate in an innovative design lesson in the new elementary Makerspace.

Technovation Team Competes At Korea Regional Pitch Event

By Megan Y. May 19, 2017

After a year of hard work, the YISS Technovation club showed off their finished product at the Technovation Korea 2017 Regional Pitch Day.

Students Build Working Robotic Arms

By Julie Weakley Mar 21, 2017

As the third quarter came to a close, the seventh-grade Robotics I students designed and built their own working robotic arms from household materials.

Students Challenged to Create with Design Thinking

By Julian Willetts Feb 23, 2017

The technology team started a new elementary after school activity this past trimester for students between grades 3-5 called Design Thinking.

7th Grade Sharpens Their Scalpels

By Julie Weakley Jan 23, 2017

As 7th grade science classes finished up their study of vertebrates, students embarked on a new role as “hospital interns” in the YISS Frog Hospital under the leadership of “Chief Coroner”...

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