social studies

Sixth Graders Research Ancient Rome & Christianity

By Becca Brown May 31, 2019

Sixth grade students spent the last few weeks of social studies class researching the influence of Ancient Rome and the birth of Christianity.

Social Studies and English Departments Collaborate to Teach Writing

By Kyle Pash May 30, 2017

Social studies teachers underwent training in the Jane Schaffer method of expository writing to build up student reading and writing skills.

Eighth-Graders Present About Civil War at Research Fair

By Kimberly Lynch May 11, 2017

Eighth grade students presented information about the Civil War to their peers, parents, and teachers at a History Research Fair.

4th Grade Dedicates Market Day for the Dalits of India

By Itiel Sarmiento Mar 10, 2017

The 4th-grade students hosted a Market Day Fundraiser. This Market Day was special because they will be using the funds to raise money for the Gospel for Asia Christmas Catalog...

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