Oasis Students GROW During Special Emphasis Week

Feb 27, 2019

This year, the Oasis SEW theme was GROW, and the focus was on characteristics that are commonly valued by humanity.

World Religions Students Visit Local Places of Worship

By Sylvain Vachon Dec 6, 2018

The 10th graders in the Oasis World Religions class visited The Chabad Jewish Community of Korea and the Saint Francis Catholic International Parish.

Special Emphasis Week Inspires Students to Live “All-In”

By Andrew Stager Jan 31, 2018

The Ossemblies welcomed singer-songwriter and speaker Justin McRoberts to inspire everyone to live lives that are "all in."

Elementary SEW Encourages Students to Stay Positive

By Simon Adams Nov 8, 2017

Elementary Spiritual and Special Emphasis Week (SEW) was a week full of contemplation and thanksgiving, and also fun!

Elementary Commits to be Upstanders

By Lauren Hooper Feb 15, 2017

The Stand Up Campaign has come to an end! Our elementary students have been learning about and looking for ways to be an “Upstander” this month. We honored many students for Standing...

Oasis Leaders are Making News

Jan 23, 2017

Middle School Oasis is supported by the Advisory Support Team, known as AST. This group of students met once a week during their club time to help plan and lead Oasis Assemblies and...

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