7th Grade

MS Students Write and Perform Their Own Drama

By Cathleen Carpenter Jan 8, 2020

Seventh grade students perform an original drama for their peers.

YISS Student Achieves Continued Success in Golf

Sep 27, 2019

Seventh grader Adrienne A. ended her summer golf season with ten wins.

MS Immersion Team Serves with Compassion

By Susan Sevey Apr 20, 2019

Immersion 2019 was an amazing journey full of new experiences, challenges, and victories for 50 middle school students and 13 chaperones.

7th Grade Week Without Walls Filled With Hands-on Activities

By Nathan Bingaman Oct 22, 2018

The 7th grade Week Without Walls trip from October 10-12 was packed with opportunities to face challenges, learn, and develop relationships.

MS Entrepreneurship Students Raise Money for IJM

By Mike Swinger Jun 6, 2018

For the past three years, 7th grade students have had the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship.

Middle Schoolers Experience An “Unlimited” God While Serving in Indonesia

By Greg Atkinson Apr 20, 2018

During Spring Break 2018, YISS middle schoolers took part in the 11th Immersion trip to Indonesia.

YISS Students Selected for KIMEA National Honor Jazz Festival

By Mark Compaan Sep 28, 2017

From September 22-23, YISS middle and high school students participated in the KIMEA National Honor Jazz Festival at Seoul Foreign School.

MS Reading Appreciation Program Celebrates Reading

Apr 4, 2017

Middle school students participated in the Reading Appreciation Program (RAP), an event aimed at developing lifelong readers and empowering writers.

YISS Hosts KIMEA MS Honor Orchestra Festival

By Anna Lisa Ohnstad Feb 15, 2017

YISS had the pleasure of hosting more than 100 musicians representing twelve schools that came from as far as Jeju for the KIMEA Middle School Honor Orchestra Festival on Valentine's...

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