6th Grade

MS Pop Science Class Tackles the Growing Trash Crisis

By Charissa Stair Oct 30, 2019

Science projects challenge students to find innovative solutions that reduce trash.

6th Graders Head to the Beach for Week Without Walls

By Ruth Schaefer Oct 7, 2019

Students Daecheon Beach to engage in experiential learning.

Sixth Graders Research Ancient Rome & Christianity

By Becca Brown May 31, 2019

Sixth grade students spent the last few weeks of social studies class researching the influence of Ancient Rome and the birth of Christianity.

6th Graders Become Good Stewards During Week Without Walls

By Ruth Schaefer Sep 26, 2018

This year’s 6th grade Week Without Walls trip to Daecheon Beach took place from September 18-20.

YISS Holds Divisional Transition Programs on First Day of School

Aug 21, 2018

Students entering kindergarten, 6th grade, and 9th grade were welcomed to school with programs designed to help them transition smoothly.

6th Grade Tackles Growing Trash Crisis

By Charissa Stair Apr 3, 2018

At the end of the third quarter, the 6th grade Pop Science class tackled the trash crisis head-on in their Trash Solutions Project Fair.

MS Reading Appreciation Program Celebrates Reading

Apr 4, 2017

Middle school students participated in the Reading Appreciation Program (RAP), an event aimed at developing lifelong readers and empowering writers.

YISS Hosts KIMEA MS Honor Orchestra Festival

By Anna Lisa Ohnstad Feb 15, 2017

YISS had the pleasure of hosting more than 100 musicians representing twelve schools that came from as far as Jeju for the KIMEA Middle School Honor Orchestra Festival on Valentine's...

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