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Elementary Students Film, Edit & Produce Guardian News Segments

By Mark Heil May 23, 2019

Guardian News was a new After School Activity that was offered this spring.

Students Introduced to Computer Programming During Hour of Code

By Mike Smith Dec 13, 2018

YISS students were introduced to a number of different coding activities which included a variety of coding languages during Hour of Code.

6th Graders Offer Creative Solutions to Trash Crisis

By Charissa Stair Oct 26, 2018

The 6th grade Pop Science class tackled the trash crisis head-on in their Trash Solutions Project Fair.

MS Entrepreneurship Students Raise Money for IJM

By Mike Swinger Jun 6, 2018

For the past three years, 7th grade students have had the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship.

Brainstorm: Part 2–Unique Qualities of Teen Brains

By Rachel Pallesen Apr 27, 2018

The teen mind has unique positive qualities as a result of a major growth spurt that occurs in the brain between the ages of 12-24.

Big Data Club Prepares Students for Data-Driven Future

By Shelley C. Apr 26, 2018

The Big Data Club focuses on improving students’ understanding of data science and building excitement about big data’s prospects.

Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain

By Rachel Pallesen Apr 3, 2018

Brainstorm, by Daniel Siegel, M.D., helps parents understand their adolescent children–and adolescents understand themselves better.

No-Drama Discipline: Part 2

By Rachel Pallesen Feb 26, 2018

“Is there an appropriate time for a consequence to be given?” Find out Mrs. Pallesen's answer to this important question.

No-Drama Discipline

By Rachel Pallesen Feb 8, 2018

The authors of No-Drama Discipline wanted to differentiate discipline from consequences and punishment.

YISS Participates in Global Campaigns Promoting Coding

By Glenn Crane Dec 28, 2017

Students throughout YISS learned and used different coding languages as part of Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week.

Mindsight: Part 2—Understanding the Minds of Others

By Rachel Pallesen Dec 13, 2017

The second aspect of mindsight—developing the ability to see and connect with the minds of others—depends on empathy.

Mindsight: Part 1—Understanding Our Own Minds

By Rachel Pallesen Nov 23, 2017

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the ability to understand their own minds, as well as the minds of others.

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