MUN Team Recognized at YMUN Asia

By Kyle Pash Mar 26, 2021
un member

On March 19-21, the YISS Model United Nations team competed in YMUN Asia with schools from Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, and more. YISS was involved in 14 committees and won the following awards: Rachel K., Grace K., and Siyeon L. received Best Delegate; Audrey Y., and Erica C. received Outstanding Delegate; and Sohom D. received an honorable mention.

This year was an unusual one in which our MUN members confronted COVID-based challenges including canceled and rescheduled conferences. In addition, the format for each conference was entirely on Zoom. Nevertheless, our delegates practiced every week via a hybrid of Zoom and in-person sessions, growing in their proficiency to create solutions and work collaboratively to address global challenges. While we bid a fond farewell to our strong seniors, we look forward to next year where our team will continue to grow and hopefully compete in live conferences. Great job this year!

The overall results at our two conferences this year showed consistent recognition of our members. The following students won awards at one or both of the conferences:


-Rachel K. (Honorable Mention and Best Delegate)

-Emily S. (Verbal Commendation)

-Audrey Y. (Best Delegate and Outstanding Delegate)


-Jay C. (Verbal Commendation)

-Grace K. (Best Delegate and Best Delegate)

-Siyeon L. (Outstanding Delegate and Best Delegate)


-Nathan H. (Best Delegate)

-Hannah K. (Outstanding Delegate)

-Yudon S. (Verbal Commendation)


-Erica C. (Outstanding Chair and Outstanding Delegate)

-Joonho C. (Best Delegate)

-Sohom D. (Honorable Mention)

-Kazi H. (Honorable Mention)

-Aykhan T. (Verbal Commendation)