MS Volleyball Competes in Coed Intramural Tournament

By Bonnie Bae Mar 18, 2021

On Saturday, March 13, our middle school volleyball teams played an intramural tournament to end their season. This year, there were no interscholastic games or jamborees due to COVID-19 safety guidelines. However, the coaches and middle school athletic director agreed that our players deserved the chance to put their hard work and newly-honed skills into actual gameplay outside of practices.

The tournament consisted of six coed teams competing in a double-elimination style bracket. All of our teams played hard, adapting to a group of teammates they had never played with before, but in the end, Coach Flaget’s team came out on top in the championship game against Coach Mooi’s team.

ms vball all-stars

Sixteen players were recognized as the tournament all-stars and played in a final exhibition game to end the day. Zachary C., Aquil B., Spencer P., Jason K., Joseph T., Dahyun A., Matthew L., and Ryan H. were the representatives from the boys in the all-star game, while the girls were Ellie F., Avery S., Zoe C., Jayme E., Helena M., Alexis K., Kiera C., and Amiah D.

On top of the all-star recognitions, one player from each team was also chosen as the most vocal on the court. This is a valuable skill in volleyball where communication can mean the difference between a dropped ball or a perfect pass. The winners of this award were: Avery S., Jayme E., Alexis K., Keira C., Olivia L., and Jaelyn K.

Congrats to all of the players who impressed with their skills and good attitudes throughout the tournament!