MS SEW Highlights Love, Being Creative, and Collaborative

By Greg Atkinson and Melanie Langer Feb 25, 2021

On February 15-18, the YISS middle school hosted their annual SEW or Spiritual/Special Emphasis Week. It was a unique year with our Covid-19 adjustments including not having any guests from overseas and rotating students with attendance in person and participating virtually at the same time on Zoom.

In the chapel sessions, we were blessed to have four local speakers share with our students on our theme of True Love: Love God, Love People. Our own staff also pulled together to provide a live band that the students enjoyed.  As in previous years, there was a fun activity each day, finishing up with the one-pound burger challenge between students and staff.

In the weeks following SEW, students were able to further contemplate the speakers’ messages and our theme in their small groups.

For the Ossembly sessions, four guest speakers gave TedTalk style presentations about two of our school ESLR’s: creative and collaborative. Each topic centered around what it means to be a creative or collaborative person and various ways these characteristics can enrich our lives. For creativity, the sessions focused on being a problem-solver and an innovator. For being collaborative, the speakers talked about being inclusive and flexible as well as being a restorative community member. Mr. Krahn also played special music for the students; they were able to request songs for him to perform.

SEW is a great opportunity for students to tap into the presentations of the various speakers that they would not have the opportunity to hear during a typical school week. This provided a chance for growth and provocation to think in new ways.