Lunch Bunch Builds Community Among Elementary Students

By Carra Beam Oct 8, 2020

Lunch Bunch is a small group event put together by the Elementary School counseling department. The counselors meet with a group of 4 to 6 students during their lunch and we take some time to play games and get to know each other while we share a meal. This time is also used to help students develop social skills with facilitated support from the counseling staff. 

Our Chaplain Mr. Adams often joins the lunch bunches to build community with students as well. While Lunch Bunch looks a little different this year, we are thankful to be able to use the portable dividers to safely meet with students. We use this time to help students build friendships with each other and to build their connections with counseling staff as well. 

Mrs. Beam’s first set of Lunch Bunch Groups includes new students in order to support their transition into the YISS community. Ms. K has recently hosted Lunch Bunch groups to support the efforts of the guardian ambassadors as they do peer mediation at recess. Our goal is to give every student an opportunity to join a Lunch Bunch by the end of the year. Seeing new friendships grow and cultivating positive relationships between students and staff makes Lunch Bunch groups a special time for our students.