HS Theater Streams The 39 Steps

By Alyssa Terry Dec 16, 2020

Our high school students were hard at work this semester preparing a spy thriller that would be streamed to limited live audiences worldwide. On December 4-5, viewers tuned into The 39 Steps: A Live Radio Play from Taiwan, Malaysia, and the United States. The play starred Joshua K. (12), Anne L. (11), Hayong C. (12), Yash A. (10), Rhea M. (10), and Siyeon L. (10).

This year created a new dynamic in theater with various changes due to COVID-19. Cast members wore masks and live audiences were limited in number. However, the show must go on! 

Cast members spent months preparing the right accents for the diverse cast of characters in the show. In live radio plays, actors typically switch quickly between different characters throughout the show. Our students researched accents from the transatlantic radio voice of the 1940s era to the dialects of the United Kingdom in order to perfect their characters. Students in the stage crew also learned how to program sound under the direction of Mr. Ludwig and spent our tech rehearsals fine-tuning the fades and cuts of each and every sound effect in the show. The end result truly showed off their hard work.

Special thanks to the following people who helped make sure this play was a success from behind the scenes:

Anjali Bansal - Photography

Tarjani Atal, TingTing Chen, Seunghee Oh - Set Design and Construction

Rhea R. (10) - Stage Manager and Sound

Idris A. (10) - Sound Coordinator

Jojo P. (12) - Hair and Makeup

We are also so grateful for the patrons in our community who were able to enjoy the performances, whether from socially-distanced auditorium seats or the comfort of their own homes. Thank you for your support of our theater troupe!