Oasis Reflects on Beauty During Special Emphasis Week

Jan 22, 2017

Writer and poet Dr. Aaron Belz joined both middle school and high school for this year's Special Emphasis Week (SEW). The middle school's theme was "Whatever is Lovely" and looked at the arts including music, poetry, artwork and other forms of beauty that challenge and inspire. Students shared their gifts in the arts with each other throughout the week as well.

In the high school, the theme was "Divine Madness"---Plato's dismissive term for poetry. Dr. Belz, however, made a case for the peculiar truth-telling ability of indirect speech, which we find in poetry. Throughout the week, high school students both laughed and puzzled over Dr. Belz's poems, considered the uniqueness of human language and laughter, and discussed what makes humor work. Dr. Belz challenged the group to take creativity in general, and writing in particular, seriously---even, and perhaps especially, forms of creativity that cannot "pay the bills," but must be pursued as a labor of love alongside our income-generating work.

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