Varsity Swim Finishes Season With Notable Performances

Tim Linn May 15, 2019
Varsity Swim 2019

Guardian Swimming had a great year with many notable performances.

As a team, both the boys and girls won the ACSC individual and combined team awards and placed second overall at the KAIAC championships.


All-ACSC honors this season went to Yoona C. (12), Rebecca K. (12), Yehjee K. (12), Justin O. (12), Jiyu S. (12), William P. (11), and Eric O. (9), who was also the Top Performer of the meet, scoring the most points.

All-Conference honors went to Yoona C. Rebecca K., Jiyu S., Grace L. (10), Katherine H. (9), Justin O., William P., Pete H. (10), and Eric O., who was also a KAIAC record breaker in the 200-meter freestyle.

All-Tournament honors went to Jiyu S., Grace L., Katherine H., Justin O., and Eric O., who was also the High Point winner.

Special recognition goes to Yoona C., Rebecca K., Yehjee K., Jiyu S., and Justin O., our seniors this season for leading our team both in and out of the pool. We will miss you all very much!

Swim Seniors