Kinder and First Grade Angels Perform Christmas Program

By Sarah Regnier Dec 17, 2019

Kindergarten and first grade students treated the audience to the adorable Christmas musical, "Angels Say What?!" on the evening of December 10. Students donned white shirts and halos to tell the Christmas story through the perspective of the angels, who delivered the good news of the birth of Jesus.

The concert began with students singing an upbeat song titled, "That's What Angels Say." The next song shared the anticipation of the angels while waiting for the King to arrive. "Waiting for the King" entertained audiences with its jazzy blues style while all of the angel performers donned sunglasses to help the audience feel the mood of the song.

K & 1st Grade Christmas Program

Next, the song "Gloria" celebrated Jesus' birth. Our young performers showed off their ability to keep a steady beat by snapping, while some students played bells on the steady beat. Next, "His Name is Jesus" delighted the audience with various solos and beautiful singing. Between each song, student actors and actresses participated in short skits to help the audience follow the Christmas story.

Angels celebrated by proclaiming that they "Can't Sing Loud Enough" in worship to the new King. Ribbon dancers helped to express the excitement of the historic event to the audience. Lastly, students ended the program by singing "It's Christmastime" to wish the audience a Merry Christmas!

K & 1st Grade Concert

View the video recording on our YouTube page.

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