HS Student Shares Talent for the Stand Up Campaign

By Anna Smith Oct 18, 2019

Each year, a talented high school student is elected to design the promotional materials for the Stand Up campaign. Sophomore Johnnie Y., worked for weeks to create the posters, lobby monitors, stickers, and t-shirts for the campaign this year. Continue reading to learn more about the artist and the inspiration behind his designs. 

Hello, my name is Johnnie. I am a sophomore at YISS, and I have a little brother named Jason in the first grade. I have always loved designing things, so this year’s Stand Up campaign was an important opportunity for me to use my talent and passion to support a major school event. 

When I first started designing the Stand-Up campaign logo, I thought about what “standing up” means to me. In my mind, I envisioned many different ways to stand up for others, so I came up with many different rough sketches. The Safeguarding Team and I decided on the design showing a person helping another person up. 

Since Stand Up is a school-wide campaign, I wanted the logo to be simple, yet effective in conveying the meaning of standing up to the elementary students. Therefore, I depicted a literal, simplified visualization of a person helping a fallen person to stand up as the main subject in all of my designs. I think the Stand Up campaign is a great chance for students to learn how to help and support one another and coexist peacefully. The Stand Up campaign also serves as a good reminder to be nice to each other.

The Safeguarding Team and YISS community thank Johnnie for his hard work and dedication to this project!

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