First Grade Learns About Olympics from Amy Atkinson

By Amy Flores Feb 28, 2018
Atkinson Group

On February 6, 2018, first grade students had the pleasure of listening to Ms. Amy Atkinson, a secondary teacher at YISS, share about her experience of participating in the Olympics. Ms. Atkinson represented Guam in the 2012 London Summer Olympics. She competed in the women’s 800-meter event, which she ran in 2 minutes and 18 seconds!

Atkinson presentation

Students were surprised and impressed to discover that Ms. Atkinson ran her first race, which was 5 kilometers, when she was only five years old! The challenge that she posed to the students was to be someone who has the character to do great things. If they have the desire to do something, they can start doing it even when they are young. They need to try their best, not give up, and then, whether they win or lose, they can enjoy the experience and the journey that they took to get there.

Atkinson souvenirs

Ms. Atkinson shared that one of her favorite moments was the Opening Ceremony, when athletes had the opportunity to greet one another and trade stories and decorative pins featuring symbols that represented their diverse countries and cultures. The first graders had the opportunity to act out this experience. Each student brought six Olympic paper badges with them, on which they colored symbols to represent the countries which are important to them. Students from all four first grade classes enjoyed trading their badges and discussing the importance of them with each other.

Trading Olympic Badges