Cheerleading Experiences a Season of Growth

By Erica Connor Feb 26, 2019
JV Cheerleading

There are many adjectives that could describe the 2018-2019 cheerleading season, but the one word that really captures the season is ‘growth.’ The varsity team grew from having three stunt groups to having four stunt groups, which meant that every member of the team was involved in stunting. By the end of the season, the team could execute multiple extended stunts, with several stunt groups performing multiple stunts or stunt variations back to back. The 16 athletes on the varsity team worked diligently and purposefully to improve, both individually and as a team. The varsity girls were pushed in a new way this year. For these athletes, having a JV team for the first time in a long time meant stepping up to teach and to be exemplary models.

JV Cheerleading

The junior varsity team, composed of seven first-time cheerleaders, put their energy and focus into learning quickly and developing into a true team. Both teams gave their all and performed exceptionally well at the KAIAC cheer competition on February 1. Against all odds (having the smallest level 2 team, being first-year cheerleaders, and not having had a team the previous year), the YISS junior varsity cheerleading team proudly placed 1st in the level 2 division. It was a great end to an unforgettable season for all of the cheerleaders.