WEB Leaders Put Training to Use with 6th Grade Orientation

By Kirstan Beatty Aug 28, 2017

For the 3rd year in a row, the new 6th grade class was greeted in style by 8th grade Where Everyone Belongs (WEB) Leaders for the 2017 6th Grade Orientation. Led by Middle School Counselor, Mrs. Beatty and Middle School Chaplain, Mr. Atkinson, the whole grade participated in high energy activities that allowed students to get comfortable laughing and interacting with one another. Students were then put into small groups with WEB leaders who led them through activities designed to build community and show them how to be successful in middle school in the areas of academics, activities, and most importantly, relationships. WEB leaders will continue these types of activities twice a month throughout the year during 6th grade Flex Time.

About Where Everyone Belongs (WEB)
WEB is a US-based program that trains 8th grade students to provide support for 6th grade students to begin their middle school experience with a solid foundation of knowing each other and having an older student as a mentor. These 8th grade leaders are in a year-long class that works on leadership development and planning intentional interactions with their small groups.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Beatty or Mr. Atkinson.

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