Seventh Grade Week Without Walls Adventure Challenges Fears

By Tammi Wenzig Nov 9, 2017

Each year, YISS middle school students participate in the Week Without Walls program, which is designed to let students have the opportunity to engage in experiential learning. Students and teachers leave campus to participate in activities designed to promote character and leadership development, as well as outdoor and service learning.

This year, the 7th grade trip, which focuses on the theme of “adventure,” took place from October 30-November 3. They spent two days in Pyeongchang, the upcoming host of the 2018 Winter Olympics, and two days in Mungyeong.

From the very first day, the 7th grade Week Without Walls adventure challenged fears, inhibitions, and launched into the unknown. After a long bus ride, students zipped through a 9-part zipline course over the forests and hills, while others pedaled their hearts out on rail bikes to enjoy the beauty of autumn in Korea. The first day’s activities continued after the sun had set with a night hunt through a hedge maze, which required teamwork and courage to locate team glow sticks. The day ended with a performance that the drama class had specially prepared to entertain and delight their peers in the audience. That was just the first day, and the adventure never died down!

The most rewarding adventure on the trip according to many students was the opportunity to interact with students at a school for children and adults with disabilities. It was beautiful to watch YISS students step out beyond their normal limits to serve and love the students of Cheongam Special School. Many of the students were surprised by how much they enjoyed interacting with students who seemed so different from them, but in reality, were so similar. After performing a short program of band and orchestral pieces, as well as K-pop dance, everyone reluctantly piled back onto the busses to reflect on all that was seen and experienced at this special school.

From team building games to exploring caves, from mountain biking to dissecting fish, every student had the chance to be challenged and break through their inhibitions to experience success outside of their comfort zones.

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