"Pitch Black" Poet Named Finalist in Competition

Aug 9, 2016

Congratulations to Spencer Shin (8th Grade) who was named a finalist in Category 4 (age 13 & 14) of the 3rd International Junior Authors Poetry Contest. The contest is organized through Laura Thomas Communications of British Columbia and has attracted thousands of budding poets and writers.

When asked why he wrote "Pitch Black", Spencer said, "It was only a couple of months ago that I had a lot of upcoming tests. All of these tests only piled more stress on my life. Once I saw the competition for poetry, I thought to myself, there is no better way to capture stress into a bottle than write about it. I started writing and I really got into it. My inspiration the entire time was stress."

"Pitch Black"
by Spencer Shin

Not a single stray of light shines in my house
As everyone is sound asleep -
Everyone except me

I trudge towards my desk
And I can feel the darkness and murkiness loom over me

My lungs tighten as if they have lost all their enlightening,
My breath asks and gasps for more air
But the grip across my throat continues to suffocate me

My papers are sprawled on the desk
I flinch as the words seem to glare at me with its ink as black as my room

I hasten to the covers of my bed,
Searching desperately for solace
Feeling the stress on my chest
But the essays creep up my toes and embody all of my body
Reminding me it is far yet to be done

I pull myself out of the warm covers and crawl towards my desk
Except this time,
An immense weight on my shoulders pulls me closer to the ground

I grip my pencil but
The words on the paper suddenly lift off the page
Choking all the air out in me
Leaving me with a sole blank book

My hands get sweatier
And my pen subtly trembles as I scribble meaningless letters across the page
I can hear the clock ticking incessantly

Anxiety increasing as the time ticks to morning
As the sun grows taller so does that doom of morning

I glance at the white covers of my bed
Realizing it was not the safe haven I have been searching for.
I slowly clasp my hands and whisper a small prayer

A tunnel of light shines ahead, lightening up the darkest alleys of my heart
The sun peeks through the curtains and caresses me with its warmth
I let out a small sigh of relief

We sink as we rise
We fall as we advance
And we collapse only to go up higher
Higher than we can imagine

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