MS SKYMUN Delegates Face Fears, Make New Friends

By Tammi Wenzig Feb 22, 2016

On Saturday, February 20, a team of eight tentative MS delegates took their seats on a bus headed to the SKYMUN conference opening ceremonies at SFS. By the end of the day, eight intrepid delegates emerged victorious with stories of facing their fears and making new friends.

Three 8th graders and five 7th graders worked collaboratively with delegates from other schools (many of whom were high schoolers) to write resolutions, debate the merits of each idea, and vote according to their assigned country's values and interests to solve the same issues that the UN is wrestling with today.

Cy A., represented France in the General Assembly
Elyse M., represented France in the Ecology and Social Council
Emma C., represented France in the Human Rights Council
Fred K., represented France in the Security Council
Erica C., represented Jordan in the Security Council
Sohom D., represented Canada in the General Assembly
Hannah L., represented New Zealand in the General Assembly

Shake their hands and ask them about SKYMUN -- they have some great stories!

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