MS Entrepreneurship Students Raise Money for IJM

By Mike Swinger Jun 6, 2018

For the past three years, 7th grade students have had the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship. In the class, students learned the basics of entrepreneurship and applied those principles while selling their own goods and services to the middle school student body.  Students made profits by selling food or drinks in creative ways, baking cookies, having a nail salon, and even selling K-Pop memorabilia.


The 7th graders got a glimpse of learning what it is like to run a small business and had fun doing it. Over the past three years, the students earned a profit of about ₩2.4 million. This money will be sent to the International Justice Mission. Their vision is to "Rescue thousands. Protect millions. Prove that justice for the poor is possible." The money the students raised through their exploration of entrepreneurship will go towards rescuing victims from all types of slavery.

Thank you to the entrepreneurship class students who worked hard to sell products and services, to the students who were their customers, and especially to the parents for their support.

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