MS Bible Students Teach Others with Web Projects

By Kerry Palmer Apr 18, 2014

The 6th and 7th grade Bible classes have gone public with their work! We host two online sites. One is a blog where students post book reviews. The second is a google site which aims to help people know how to study the Bible for themselves. Students from all 6th and 7th grade Bible classes have contributed to each site.

Wednesday is Book Club for our classes. We read a wide variety of Christian books from our class library which the PTO generously donated. Once students finish a book they write a review. These get posted on our Book Club Reviews blog. You can search reviews by title, author, star rating or student first name and last initial. Perhaps there's a book that has been reviewed that you would like to read! 

The EdAble Bible Project seeks to help people study the Bible step by step. We have been learning this method all year in our classes. Through The EdAble Bible Project students educate others via video tutorials, most of which are under three minutes long. We invite you to watch and learn from these videos which focus on teaching seven books of the Bible. You'll be amazed at what you can learn from a sixth or seventh grader! You can start watching and learning from The EdAble Bible Project at sites.google.com/site/edablebible.

Happy exploring, and may you be blessed!

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