Middle Schoolers Experience An “Unlimited” God While Serving in Indonesia

By Greg Atkinson Apr 20, 2018
Immersion sunset

Immersion is a unique program designed specifically for middle school students which includes spiritual growth and development, cultural immersion, and opportunities to serve. During Spring Break 2018, YISS middle schoolers took part in the eleventh Immersion trip to the Telunas Beach Resort in Indonesia.

Immersion boat

The theme this year was “Unlimited,” and the team was able to see how unlimited God is while serving on the trip. Forty-two students and nine adults traveled over 12 hours to get to the small island in Indonesia where they stayed for six days. They spent three days in a small fishing village building a sidewalk path. During that time, the team was able to play with many of the young children, and a few members were even able to stay overnight with a local family and experience life with them in their homes.

Immersion work

The week was full of hard work but also fun times together on the beach, eating great food, and getting to know each other better. The students participated in team building activities on a ropes course, went on a jungle hike, and even went cliff jumping off of a waterfall! The experience created lifelong memories for everyone involved with the Immersion trip.

Immersion play

Enjoy this video the Immersion team produced about their adventure in Indonesia.

Leaders: Ms. Alvarez, Mr. Atkinson, Mrs. Atkinson, Mrs. Beatty, Mrs. Davis, Ms. McDonald, Ms. Moncada, Mr. Mooi, Ms. Rieke

Members: Moshe B. (8), Alex B. (8), Davis B. (8), Kathryn H. (8), Claire H. (8), Nicole H. (8), Tanya K. (8), Hannah K. (8), Luis K. (8), Alex L. (8), Anne L. (8), Conan L. (8), Kevin L. (8), Madison L. (8), Ryan L. (8), Michaela M. (8), Breanna M. (8), Abigail O. (8), Isabelle P. (8), Timothy P. (8), Ryan R. (8), Jackie R. (8), Jean Y. (8), Justin Y. (8), Katarina E. (7), Jason E. (7), Anne H. (7), Caden H. (7), Grace K. (7), Harene K. (7), Isaac K. (7), Joyce K. (7), Taehoon K. (7), Benjamin L. (7), Eric L. (7), Hamin L. (7), Jayden L. (7), Joseph L. (7), Soo L. (7), Evelyn P. (7), Andrew P. (7), Alize R. (7)

Immersion group

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