Middle School Immersion Builds Homes and Relationships in Manila

By Jim Kosmack Apr 4, 2017

This year, the Middle School Immersion team, made up of 25 students and five leaders, packed their bags and headed to Manila in the Philippines during Spring Break. The team partnered with Kids International Ministries (KIM) for an adventure that involved building construction projects alongside new friendships.

The Immersion team spent the majority of the week serving the community located just outside of where they stayed at the YunJin Lyso Ministry Center (YMC). Throughout the week, they mixed concrete and plastered a wall at the New Faith Family Children's Home, dug a large hole for a septic tank, and completed demolition on a house in order to allow cement walls to be constructed. They also conducted feedings for the locals in the neighborhood.

"Know God" was the theme of this year's trip, and the Immersion team strived to "know God" throughout the week as each member spent time journaling and reading a devotional each day. The team also gathered each night for some fun group games and activities, a time of praise and worship, a Bible lesson shared by a leader, and also an opportunity to meet in small groups to debrief the day's experiences further. While at the YMC, the team was also able to spend their free time hanging out and building stronger relationships with each other, swimming in the pool and enjoying the slide, and eating great meals served up by the wonderful KIM staff.

All in all, the MS Immersion team was able to experience a warm and welcoming Filipino culture, laughter and fun times, and most importantly, God's love. The team is thankful for God's provision, safety, and love throughout the trip.

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