Henry Hahn Captains Korea National U-12 Hockey Team

Dec 13, 2018
Henry Hahn Hockey

There are nearly 1,800 boys and girls under 12 playing hockey in South Korea, but it takes tremendous talent and perseverance to be selected for the Korea National Team. Following in his older brother Scott’s footsteps, YISS 7th grader Henry Hahn is not only a member of the Korea National U-12 Hockey Team, but he has the honor of being captain. He is the only player on the team who attends an international school, and he has been balancing both schoolwork as well as a very busy and demanding competitive ice hockey schedule, traveling 45 minutes outside of Seoul four to five times a week for practices.

Henry, along with his teammates, competed well in a tournament in Shanghai this past summer and just had a very successful tournament in Japan, in which Henry was voted Best Player. Congratulations to Henry on his exceptional achievements and determination to excel in the sport of ice hockey and for making both his country and his school proud.

Henry Hahn Hockey

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