Grades 7, 8 Go Abroad for Week Without Walls

Dec 4, 2014

Grade 7 students took off and headed to Hong Kong for a week filled with outdoor adventure and learning. The Hong Kong based organization, Dragonfly, led our students through many new experiences such as hiking, canyoning, snorkeling, camping, outdoor cooking, and much more. We learned about water usage around the world. Students tracked their individual water consumption throughout the week and shared what they learned in a final presentation at the end of the experience. See our Week Without Walls Grade 7 blog by clicking here.

Grade 8 ventured to Batam, Indonesia via Singapore for a week filled with cultural immersion, service learning, lessons tied to the local surroundings, and spiritual and character growth. Students learned about the food chain, how plants and animals adapt to their environment, basics needs of a plant. They also reviewed photosynthesis, identified the difficulties of the life of trees living in salt water, looked at primitive water distillation methods, and the uses and products of mangroves.

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