Eighth-Graders Present About Civil War at Research Fair

By Kimberly Lynch May 11, 2017

On Thursday, May 4, eighth grade students presented information about the Civil War to their peers, parents, and teachers at a History Research Fair. In order to promote cross-curricular collaboration, the English Language Arts and U.S. History classes jointly presented students with the tools they needed to complete their projects. Students were taught how to research and cite their findings in English class while learning about the Civil War in history class.

At the History Research Fair, there was a wide variety of topics covered, ranging from famous battles, events, and people related to the Civil War era to food, medicinal practices, and transportation during the war. Students presented their research in a number of creative ways, such as dressing up and acting as famous people, displaying whiteboard animation and stop-motion videos, making authentic food from the time period, and explaining tri-fold posters. It was a great way for the eighth graders not only to learn but also teach others about the Civil War!

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