After School Activities Keep Students Moving

By Su Young Chang Oct 13, 2020

The first term of ASA this year, which runs from September 21 to October 29, has been off to a great start. There are currently sixty elementary and middle school students participating in eleven different activities this term. 

During hybrid learning, the ASA program had to go through some modifications to fit the safety guidelines of our campus. For this first term, elementary students were able to enjoy participating in these events on campus while the middle school students attended either in-person or virtually according to their schedules. 

Our instructors worked hard to provide quality activities regardless of on-campus or virtual attendance. For example, the basketball students who attended the sessions virtually had a designated instructor, focusing on learning specific skills that could be done indoors or outdoors. For one grade in particular, as there was only one student for that grade, the virtual sessions became a 1:1 personal training time with our superstar level instructor.

ASA’s were an opportunity for students to stay active during this pandemic, and we hope to have a big turnout for next term as the COVID-19 numbers continue to stay low in our area. We believe that sports are a great way to build character, perseverance, sportsmanship, self-confidence, social skills, teamwork, and ultimately help our students become well-rounded individuals that will carry on our mission here at YISS.

If you have any questions about our After School Activities program please contact the ASA Coordinator, Su Young Chang at suyoung.chang@yisseoul.org.

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