7th Grade Week Without Walls Filled With Hands-on Activities

By Nathan Bingaman Oct 22, 2018
7th Grade WWW Dragon Boat

Each year, YISS middle school students participate in the Week Without Walls program, which is designed to let students have the opportunity to engage in experiential learning. Students and teachers leave campus to participate in activities designed to promote character and leadership development, as well as outdoor and service learning.

This year, the 7th graders went on Week Without Walls from October 10-12. The trip was packed with opportunities to face challenges and to learn, as well as to develop relationships. The trip covered a lot of ground, as the 7th graders split into color groups and headed down from Seoul to Yangpyeong. Students were scheduled to wake up bright and early to jump into each day's fun!

7th Grade WWW Girls

Throughout the three-day period, the students engaged in challenging activities outside the confines of the classroom. On the first day, the 7th graders participated in the Sumi village experience, during which they hand-made their own red bean buns and harvested sweet potatoes straight from the ground to take home. Then, they headed to a ropes challenge course and practiced teamwork, often under precarious circumstances!

7th Grade WWW Red Bean Buns

The second day started with a service learning project which involved traveling to a community campus which offered various chances to serve. Some teams cleaned the grounds while others put on a talent show for the residents. Still others put on gloves and cleaned red peppers that had been harvested and dried—a rare opportunity! Also unique was the chance to row a dragon boat, which students rowed in addition to one-person and two-person kayaks on a rather chilly afternoon at the lake in Gyeonggi-do. On the last day, the 7th graders visited a zipline course in beautiful Gapyeong and went on a short hike afterwards, before zooming back to YISS.

7th Grade WWW Red Peppers

During their time outside of the classroom, the 7th graders also worked on multiple assignments amidst the busy schedule, prepared for them ahead of time by their teachers. They had a chance for reflection before breakfast, while after dinner, they participated in projects and performances as well as reflection. There was the tetrahedron kite project from Ms. Ooi, which called for all the work and imagination the groups of boys and girls could muster. There was the talent show, where students got to perform with song, dance, and musical instrument pieces they had prepared beforehand. There was even a zany game from Mr. Davis involving chopsticks, a spoon, and animal crackers! The 7th graders will long remember their experiences from Week Without Walls 2018.

To view more photos from the trip, click here.

7th Grade WWW Ziplining

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