3...2...1... Liftoff!!

By Grant Davis May 31, 2018
Rocket Liftoff

“And we have liftoff! Liftoff of the YISS Falcon Phoenix rocket!”

Rocket Fuel

Mr. Grant Davis and his Middle School Rocket Club have had a great year launching water-bottle rockets, watching SpaceX videos, and learning all about the new YISS Ultimaker 3, 3D printer. With the launch of the Falcon Heavy in February and almost daily spaceflight news, the future of rocket science and 3D industrial design is bright! With fun educational resources like the Kerbal Space Program, Tinkercad, and The Everyday Astronaut, learning all about the science of rockets and spaceflight has been just as fun as actually launching them!

Rocket Launch

Three-dimensional printing though has proved to be quite an invigorating challenge as the students learned the design and production process through trial and much error. Luckily, no one was in danger when the rockets failed, and plastic is cheap.

3D Printing

From printing interlocking gyro gears to designing nose cones and rocket nozzles, the Rocket Club has learned a lot this year. Everyone is excited for next year and is looking forward to even more new opportunities in the YISS Makerspace.

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