YISS Sends Students to Serve in Manila and Tacloban

Apr 19, 2017

YISS' high school Guardians with a Message (GWAM) program sent two teams to serve in the Philippines during Spring Break this year. Although the two teams had different purposes, both teams walked away blessed by those they served.


Team Manila served the children and staff at Samaritan's Place orphanage as well as children in nearby communities. Each morning began with devotionals written by the students and teachers, and every night ended in small groups or time together as a team. Throughout the week, the team planned and held outreach events at both Samaritan's Place and in a nearby neighborhood. The students prepared and helped lead arts and crafts, games, songs, dances, skits and Bible lessons. At other times, team members led tutorials for the children at the orphanage and worked to clean a storage unit and the cisterns there. The team spent a day at the pool with the children from the orphanage to play and also teach swim lessons. The students also cooked a Korean meal for all of the staff and children at Samaritan's Place. Team members were even able to paint a local church started by a ministry called Brand New Day. To cap off the trip, the team hiked to the top of Taal Volcano! Overall, it was a packed week, and while Team Manila went to serve Samaritan's Place, the team walked away blessed by the love and genuine joy shown by the staff and children there. It was truly an unforgettable week.

Leaders: Ms. Fritz, Mr. Ha, Mr. Lynch, Mrs. Lynch

Members: Misheel B. (12), David K. (12), Te Hun K. (12), Joanne N. (12), Jenie N. (12), Kenneth Y. (12), Joon Y. (12), Max C. (10), Sam C. (10), Yehjee K. (10), Kevin L. (10), Lynn P. (10), Gracie P. (10), Sherly P. (10), Ellie Y. (10), Daniel L. (9), Natalie P. (9), Joshua P. (9), Saron S. (9), Boeun Y. (9)

View the Manila recap video here.


On November 8, 2013, Super Typhoon Yolanda forever changed life in the port city of Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines. Breaking long-held meteorological records, it left no family untouched. In the aftermath, Kids International Ministries (KIM) began a program centered around a property nicknamed the Lighthouse to bring hope and light to this hurting community. GWAM '17 marks YISS' third year partnering with the Lighthouse. One part of KIM’s program is providing nourishing meals, often at local schools. To supplement this program, YISS students raised money to purchase a large supply of children's vitamins. Each year, Team Tacloban has also been a part of restoring the Lighthouse buildings. This year, the team poured the concrete for and laid the tile on the second floor of their second building. This larger indoor space will open the door to many new opportunities to reach out to this amazing community that blesses YISS students each time they go there to serve.

Leaders: Ms. Stair, Ms. Falkner, Ms. Samson, Mr. Taurone, Mrs. Taurone

Members: Lloyd B. (12), Jaye C. (11), Jonathan C. (11), Doug C. (11), Jordan H. (11), Brian K. (11), Rachel K. (11), Yoona L. (11), Zane H. (11), Gayoon C. (10), Allison P. (10), Ashton K. (10), Matthew L. (10), Jenny K. (10), Seungmin B. (9), Ashley C. (9), Eliana K. (9), Andy N. (9), Rachel S. (9), Sophia V. (9)

View the Tacloban recap video here.

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