YISS Makes History at the Bee & Bowl

By Hannah O. Jan 20, 2017

Though history is more about the lessons we can learn from it than its facts, knowing the details never hurts. With a short time of preparation, the YISS History Bee and Bowl participants took their classroom knowledge to an exciting competing ground at the International History Bee and Bowl held at Dulwich College Seoul, where they hit their buzzers to triumph. Starting the Bee in the morning, and proceeding to the Bowl in the afternoon, the competitive intellectual engagement was a great success.

The YISS History Bee team consisted of 10 members who had the luck of proving themselves as Korea’s finest history students, including three students: Yoona C. (10), and Jae B. (10), taking first and third place in the JV division, and Junyoung B. (11) winning third place in the varsity division. Later in the afternoon, the YISS History Bowl, which consisted of one JV and two Varsity teams competed against various schools with great results; the JV team placed first in the division, and the Varsity team placed second in the division.

It was truly an exciting event for all of the participants as the preparation put into the competition paid off, and the opportunity for the showcase of our student’s knowledge, teamwork, and hard work was provided. Students were also given the opportunity to make new friends. However, above all, it was an event where every student was inspired to look back and appreciate anyone and anything that helped modern societies grow to what they are today and to look forward to building upon the foundation that they have given us.

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