YISS Hosts High School Mathematics Competition

By Shawn Taurone Nov 19, 2016

The MuAlphaTheta chapter at YISS, hosted over 200 students and 20 sponsors for the Korea Schools Mathematics Competition (KSMC) on Saturday, November 12 in the YISS gym, cafeteria, and auditorium. The KSMC is a mathematics competition comprised of eight international schools located in South Korea in which students compete in a variety of mathematical tests, games, and events for trophies and medals in three separate divisions, Mu (Calculus and above), Alpha (PreCalculus/ Trigonometry), and Theta (Algebra II and Geometry). Raffle prizes were awarded throughout the competition which ranged in value, from TI calculators to math books and Rubik's Cubes.

At the end of the competition, points are awarded to each school based on three competitive rounds. The individual exam is the first round comprised of a single test. The Gemini exam is the second round in which students are allowed to work with a partner to solve the test. The third and final round is the School Bowl, which is comprised of the top four students from each school which compete together to solve an open response test. Points from each round total to give the winning school overall. This year's overall winner of the KSMC was SIS. Notably, however YISS did place third in the School Bowl competition Theta division.

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