YISS Graduation 2017

By Wilson Lee Jun 1, 2017

On the evening of Friday, May 26, YISS proudly graduated the Class of 2017. With a ceremony to commemorate the accomplishments and achievements of the graduates, friends and family members gathered to hear an address from the Chairman of the Korea Foreign Schools Foundation (KFSF), Mr. Yongmaan Park, a charge from our faculty, and encouraging speeches from members of the graduating class. The KFSF and the YISS PTO also honored several students with generous scholarships. Afterward, with a reception in the gymnasium filled with photos, smiles, and refreshments, the entire evening was not only memorable but an inspiration for things to come. 


As the word suggests, “commencement” signifies a milestone marking a new beginning in the lives of our 59 graduates. With the demographic origin of the graduates being from over 10 different regions across the globe, their goals of higher education demonstrate an equally diverse array of locations, interests, and goals. Ranging in majors from actuarial science, to biomedical engineering, and game design, the graduates hope to continue exercising the talents and passions that they have cultivated during their time at YISS.

For YISS faculty and staff, the ceremony was an emotional time that represented a culmination of our professional and personal lives that we invested into each graduate. The evening was a time to recognize the students’ success, as well as ours as a whole community. Congratulations to the YISS Class of 2017. We wish you all the best!

View the entire ceremony on the YISS YouTube channel.

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