YISS Chooses to Love During Stand Up Campaign

Oct 23, 2019

The theme of this year’s Stand Up Campaign “Choose to Love” encouraged those in the YISS community to explore a variety of ways that people can choose to love others every day. Students wrote words of encouragement to their classmates and shared free hugs and high fives with student council members. Guest speaker, Ryan Smith, shared stories of what love truly is, what it looks like, and how we need to feel love and pass it on to others. 

Students, teachers, and staff participated in other special activities throughout the Stand Up Campaign from October 7-18, including a Creativity Contest, Kindy-Grams, and a special skit performed by our Elementary Guardian Ambassadors. 

In high school, Counselors Ms. Dawson and Ms. Dooley also led an active listening exercise to help students understand that spending quality time with others by listening and sharing our lives with them is a meaningful way to choose to love others. Lastly, teachers filled out “Acts of Service” cards and presented them to students to recognize their acts of service for others.

Although the campaign spanned only two-weeks, it is the hope of all those behind it that the conversations and activities centered around the theme “Choose to Love” have a lasting impact in the hearts, minds, and actions of our community members. 

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