Varsity Girls Volleyball: Ready To Go!

By Mia C. Oct 10, 2016

The girls varsity volleyball team has remained strong and determined throughout a rollercoaster ride of a season so far.

From their first game of the season on August 24, to their most recent game on October 8, there have been both highs and lows for our YISS team. They have won five games so far in the season, and lost eight. However they still manage to keep their Guardian spirit.

Freshman Sofia K. and Ashley C. described their experience in this year's season as filled with "some ups and downs, but as a team we gradually improved and cheered each other on." They remained positive and said "Although we couldn't achieve third place in the Conference, we are slowly getting better!"

The season got off to a rocky start, with their first game of the season resulting with a 0 to 3 loss. Nonetheless, the girls powered through and managed to win their next game against TCIS on the 27th of August with an outstanding 3 to 0 victory. Christina L. led the team with an amazing 6 aces and 4 digs. The varsity team's strong performance continued, winning two consecutive games on August 27 and again on September 3, both by dominating scores of 3 to nil. By winning games both on the road at SIS and at home against TCIS, the girls showed that they can succeed anywhere.

Unfortunately the season took a turn on September 7, as they suffered a loss to SFS on our home court. They went into the game knowing SFS would be a tough competitor, and played their hearts out. This difficult loss was followed by defeats in their next five games against SAHS (2x), OAHS (2x), and SFS. However, these losses have not kept the girls from shining, with each of them proving their skills. In the games against SFS, Ann K., Ashley C., and Christina L. especially stood out, each having an impressive amount of digs, assists, and kills. Although the girls lost a very close game to OAHS, Yoonjung had an exceptional game, racking up the most kills.

Despite this tough stretch, the girls were able to turn things around, winning games against HHS and DHS at home on October 5 and 8, both by strong 3 to 1 victories. These two wins came on either side of a tough 1 to 3 loss at TCIS on October 7.

To stay up to date with their games, you can go to the YISSPN or follow them on Instagram, where they post game scores and pictures of our girls in action. The girl's varsity volleyball team will continue to make us proud with their pure determination and hard work. Regardless of the results, we will cheer them on every step of the way.

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