Tropical Cambodia and Sri Lanka Host GWAM Teams

Apr 18, 2017

YISS' high school Guardians with a Message (GWAM) program sent teams to serve in Cambodia and Sri Lanka during Spring Break this year. Both teams were able to serve local children while learning about the culture and having fun at the same time.


GWAM Cambodia, or GWAMbodia, flew into Phnom Penh and made the short trek out to Ta Khmao, where the team spent most of the week. During the trip, team members toured the Killing Fields outside Phnom Penh to learn more about the tragic marker in Cambodian history and how it still influences and affects lives there. As a team, the leaders and students were able to serve the children that HisChild, a local organization that rehabilitates children living in harsh conditions, works with on a regular basis. The team visited a children's home, church, kindergarten, slums, and other downtown locations in order to sing songs, play games, make crafts, perform skits on Jonah and Daniel, and offer bread and milk. Seeing the smiles on the children's faces and spending time with them made the trip worth it. On the final day, the team engaged in some fun as they visited a market to buy souvenirs and an activity center where they were able to play laser tag. GWAMbodia sought to live out the GWAM mission of service, education, and fun, and again this year, the team was able to experience all three elements.

Leaders: Ms. Minor, Mr. Fisher, Ms. Sitton

Members: Ye Seo C. (12), Jeiho K. (12), Yuki U. (11), Justine W. (11), Yoonsung R. (11), Maya H. (11), Kgosi K. (10), Hannah K. (10), Ahoura R. (10), Stephen S. (10), Jean P. (9), Jasmine L. (9)

View the Cambodia recap video here.

Sri Lanka

Though the journey to Sri Lanka was not the easiest, the lush forests, rising mountains, and tropical warmth welcomed everyone on Team Sri Lanka from the moment of arrival. The team served a small local church and a Christian school that was led by Korean pastors. Not only did the team prepare small skits and dances that retold the gospels of Christ, they also enjoyed playing carnival games, making lion masks, and giving treats to the children before they left. The team spent time each morning growing spiritually through reading the Bible and was privileged enough to have time off to both replenish and appreciate the creations of God. Throughout the entire trip, the local missionaries did a phenomenal job nourishing the team with delicious Sri Lankan food and juicy fruits. Team Sri Lanka felt like a family growing closer together with God every day. It truly was a remarkable experience.

Leaders: Ms. Corbett, Mr. Flores, Ms. Roberts

Members: Andy K. (12), Yuri K. (12), Samantha L. (12), Lina P. (11), Robert P. (11), Karin L. (10), Isadora O. (10), Aria I. (9), Yunsu L. (9), Andrew P. (9), Darren S. (9)

View the Sri Lanka recap video here.

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