Track Team Travels to Taiwan for Competition, Community Service & Culture

Apr 10, 2018
Hero Games

Twenty-one YISS varsity track and field athletes traveled to Taiwan from March 21-27 to compete in the ACSC championships, serve, and explore. During the competition at Morrison Academy in Taichung, the team had great success, with the girls finishing 2nd and the boys finishing 3rd out of eight competing teams.

YISS Medals

The top finishes by YISS athletes were:
Ariana B. (9) – 1st in 400m hurdles, 800m & 1500m
Allison P. (11) – 1st in 5K, 2nd in 800m & 3rd in 3K
Sofia K. (10) – 2nd in 5K & 3rd in 800m
Jungeun, S. (11) – 2nd in 400m
Josh S. (12) – 1st in 800m & 3rd in 1500M
Seungmin B. (10) – 2nd in 100m
Sean R. (10) - 2nd in 400m hurdles
Andy N. (10) – 3rd in 3K & 5K

Hero Games

The athletes also experienced team bonding and camaraderie through the two busy days of competing and serving. However, the athletes expressed that some of the most memorable moments included pairing with special needs buddies in track and field type activities for the “I am a Hero” games. The competition was organized by Taiwan Sunshine, a non-profit organization that exists to support and encourage families that have children with special needs. The YISS athletes helped their buddies attempt various events and experience joy as they completed each event. The coaches and leaders were extremely proud of the way the team represented YISS through their support of teammates, pushing their physical limits in their events, and serving others with their hearts.


After the competitions, the team had the opportunity to travel to Taipei and learn more about Taiwan's cultural heritage in geography, national treasures, art, and food. The team visited Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, the National Palace Museum, Sansia Folk Art Village, Shilin Night Market, Taipei 101, Xiangshan Trail, Yangmingshan National Park, Yingge Ceramic District, and more. The trip was an amazing experience, and the students grew in many ways.

Enjoy this video the track team produced about their adventure in Taiwan.


Leaders: Ms. Atkinson, Mr. Dwight, Mrs. Dwight, Mr. Swanson

Members: Majid A. (10), Seungmin B. (10), Ariana B. (9), Audrey C. (10), Gayoon C. (11), Henry H. (9), Navya K. (9), Sofia K. (10), Alicia K. (9), Eric K. (10), Karin L. (11), Megan L. (9), Rachel L. (9), Andrew M. (10), Andy N. (10), Allison P. (11), Haeli R. (9), Sean R. (10), Jungeun S. (11), Josh S. (12), Angel V. (9)

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