The Nuts and Bolts of High School for Freshman Parents

By Bonnie Bae Aug 24, 2020
Ms. Peterson presents nuts and bolts to freshman parents.

Most people remember the jittery feelings of anticipation when walking into a new classroom or transitioning into a new school as a student. However, those feelings are not exclusive to students; they can even cross over into the realm of parenting. At YISS, the high school counseling department aimed to ease those jittery feelings for both the students and the parents by holding a special information session for freshman parents on Wednesday, August 19. The meeting was attended by around fifty people, either in person or virtually.

Freshman counselor, Ms. Peterson presented the “nuts and bolts” of high school in order for parents to understand what to expect and how they can help support their children over the next four years. She covered topics such as counseling, athletics, clubs, graduation requirements, and technology. She also went over some concerns and protocols regarding COVID-19.

One key component of Ms. Peterson’s presentation was to highlight some of the ways that parents can be proactive and involved in supporting their children as they make this major transition into high school. The HS Counseling Team seeks to be a valuable resource and source of support for both students and parents during this exciting transition.

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