Students Discover a Korean National Treasure

By Aimee C. Nov 11, 2016

On November 3rd the Korean I and Korean III classes visited the National Hangeul Museum which is located next to the National Museum of Korea. This purpose of this field trip was to give the students an insight into Korean culture and to teach them the history behind one of Korea's greatest national treasures, the Hangeul writing system.

The students participated in a new program that the museum recently created specifically for foreigners. They listened to a presentation on the science and art behind Hangeul and performed various hands on activities such as creating their own story books with Hangeul stamps. Afterwards the students were led by a tour guide around the permanent exhibit being presented at the National Hangeul Museum, learning about King Sejong the Great, the creation of Hangeul, various important pieces of literature, and much more. The visit to the museum was very enriching for all the students and teachers who attended.

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