Project Voice Offers Forum for Self-Expression

Nov 25, 2015

Cavani Sensei gives his personal opinion on the Poetry Slam with his own original poem.

Student Project Voice took place after school on November 26. Many excited students gathered in the multi-purpose room to hear what their fellow students had to say. Speakers spoke on a variety of topics ranging from Star Wars to God's blessings to the stars in our hearts. The audience also went through a series of emotions from passive reflection to hoots and snorts of laughter. All in all, this vocal outreach into creative expression touched a lot of people and provided a great opportunity for both students and teachers to bond over similar views and find some comic relief in each other.

Thank you to all who participated and attended Project Voice!

Mystery Speaker Mr. Kim presents on what it took to discover himself.

Sophomore Gina S passionately discusses the serious issue of bullying.


Junior Kenneth Y humorously shares how he found his true self at Comic-Con in Rhode Island.

Junior Jessica C gives a shout out to what makes her thankful and how to approach life with a new perspective.

Sophomores Matthew C and Josh K sing their hearts out to an inspirational ballad.

Junior Alberta Y talks about the importance of the panda in the world's environment.

Junior Martin Y relates the big impact Star Wars had on his life and releases the trailer.

Junior Calista O relates what it feels like to have genuine friends, family, and deal with the haters.

Junior Eugene M sings for the tragedies that happened in Paris and throughout the world.

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