Poetry Slam Encourages Audience to “Serve One Another in Love”

By Karin Shim May 18, 2017

YISS High School's annual Poetry Slam was held on Tuesday, May 16 in the school auditorium. The Poetry Slam gives students an opportunity to express their creativity and freely voice their thoughts in front of their peers and teachers. This year's theme was "Serving One Another in Love", and the contestants, representatives from each grade level chosen by students, presented their own interpretations of the theme. The contestants were Mia C. (9), Francis P. (9), Hannah O. (10), Megan Y. (10), Brian K. (11), Jorge R. (11), Brendan L. (11), Darien Y. (11), Christina L. (12), Stephanie S. (12), Calista O. (12), and Sarah K. (12).

The event was organized by the English Department, and the MC's were Andy K. and Yuri K., both seniors. The winner of this year's Poetry Slam was Calista, and the runner-up was Christina, with the crowd favorite award going to Brendan. All students did a wonderful job performing their unique interpretation of the idea of love, and the event gave the student body an opportunity to reflect on the importance of service and compassion.

To watch the entire event, visit the school’s official YouTube page.

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