Parents Follow Their Child’s Schedule at MS/HS Open House

Sep 5, 2019

A majority of our middle and high school parents took advantage of the opportunity to meet their child’s teachers, visit each classroom, learn about each course, and meet other parents during the Middle School Open House on Thursday, September 5 and the High School Open House on Tuesday, September 3.

The events began in the auditorium, where school administrators introduced their teachers and shared general information. Upon exiting, parents were given their child’s two-day class schedule and instructed to “attend” their child’s classes in accordance with the modified bell schedule. Each class spanned ten minutes during which teachers gave a short presentation introducing themselves and shared course details. Between bells, parents could be seen searching for their child’s classroom and then finding a desk and chair next to the parents of their child’s classmates. 

Each of the ten-minute “periods” seemed to fly by for both teachers and parents, especially in classes where there were special hands-on activities or questions from parents. YISS is grateful to have such an engaged and supportive parent body that makes time for important school events, such as Open House.

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