Ossembly Students Showcase Diversity

By Andrew Stager May 25, 2016

At their final Ossembly gathering of the school year, Mr Stager invited three students to give presentations to the entire Oasis track portion of the High School student body. Freshman Aamna S., Maja K., and Megan Y. had given stellar presentations in some of Mr Stager's classes, and their work deserved a wider hearing.

Aamna and Maja, students in Mr Stager's Logic class, gave rousing speeches in which they reflected on how their own cultural identities sometimes tempted them to view outsiders through the lens of unhelpful stereotypes. In both of their cases, their self-awareness and desire to appreciate diversity shone through and both challenged and encouraged their "Ossembly-mates". Megan dug back into her first-semester archive to retrieve and present an insightful study of CS Lewis's lifelong engagement with the experience of suffering and the struggle of faith.

Next year, Mr Stager hopes to expand the Ossembly Student Showcase, receiving nominations from students and teachers for the best presentations throughout the year by Oasis students.

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