Ninth Graders Construct Models of Early Civilizations

By Joanne Son Nov 8, 2017

To better comprehend and appreciate the daily lives of those who lived in the world’s very first recorded civilizations, students of the 9th grade Ancient World History class were challenged to create interactive, hands-on, 3D models of structures, objects, or landmarks that had profoundly impacted the early river valley civilizations. These civilizations, sprouting out in similar timeframes but in different parts of the world, encompassed a vast geographic space and included the lands of Mesopotamia (Fertile Crescent), Egypt, the Indus River Valley (modern-day India), and China. The students, working in teams of three to five, were given the creative freedom to construct their projects using any medium they desired and were permitted to choose any type of display perspective they deemed best (e.g., aerial view, single-structure focus, etc.).

The culmination of the projects engaged students not only to become experts of their chosen project creations, but to become masters in all social, political, religious, technological, and economic aspects of each thriving society. The summation of the projects required the students to highlight their monuments, explain the importance of their creation, and answer questions posed by their scholarly peers regarding their studied civilization. In the end, each student group revealed how the trajectory of ancient world history and the modern-day world had become completely transformed due to the society’s construction of their chosen structure.

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